Who WE Are!!

My Story

My love of making pies has increasingly grown.  My name is Natasha, and I currently bake out of a commercial kitchen at Yarrow Community Hall, BC since April 2018 and my pies are featured at “The Town Butcher” in Garrison Crossing, Chilliwack, “Close To Home Grocery” in Promontory and “Rosedale Grocery”.  I have one staff member, my mom, Vi, who is my “Pastry Specialist”. The two of us are the entire operation with the help from the community of Chilliwack. We offer many opportunities to people with all abilities.

The variety of delicious flavors I offer, are EVERYONE’S favorites.  I have loved the experience of experimenting with fruit to create a sweet, nostalgic experience.  I wanted to create the taste of CALM, WARM, and CONNECTED with everyone I baked for. After weighing my Pie one day, I discovered that my pies weigh over TWO POUNDS!!  My pies are wholesome, made with love and care and knowing that every pie will bring a family or group together. Made with a flaky crust, sugar (just enough!), fruits of all kind, topped with a light crumble.  Eating an amazing Pie takes us on a journey, from the smell in the oven, to the crisp of the shell, and the sweetness of the fruit.

This experience takes us back generations, reminding us of the last time we had that piece and how we felt after taking that first bite.  Maybe some of us and our kids haven’t had that experience. Feeling HELD, WARM and SAFE. We have been too busy to take the time to truly savor the flavor and feeling of food in our mouths.  My promise is to give you an experience with your loved ones that you can savor in your tummy AND your Heart!

“Pie with Purpose” is my passion project.  Bringing families together around my pies and heart connected conversation inspires my life and fills me with joy.  Your “Pie with Purpose” will arrive complete with a delicious Pie, forks, knife, napkins, plates for 8. As well you will find “Sharing Cards”….each person gets to take a moment to share a piece of their heart, while you all share a Pie.

Families have reported this to be a pivotal time in their family history, where they are awake to the VALUE of this family circle experience.  In the COMFORT of delicious wholesome food, CONNECTED to those they love in a CONVERSATION that heals. I have created this with my whole Heart, and I invite you to order yours today!

My Mission is to make the world a happier place one pie at a time!