We decided that our kitchen would become a teaching kitchen. This means that we invite the community into our kitchen to learn how to make pies, offer opportunities for skill development and to gather together as a group with all abilities and all ages.

The experience for the individual would consist of a supportive and caring environment with physical surroundings that will adapt to all needs. Opportunity to make errors with non-judgemental corrections are key to us, as well encouraging socialization, although no pressure is placed on the individual for sharing. We can offer one big task or break down the task to fit the person for complete success. A few examples of a task would be, hand mixing the pastry dough, fitting the dough into pie pan and placing in plastic bag for freezing, adding crumble topping to pie, making boxes and the very favorite doing the dishes!

We have young adults from the community volunteering, we have work experience students from a variety of schools in Chilliwack, including the Education Center, we have individuals from UFV Workplace TASK Program gaining employment experience. We are continuing to receive more and more wonderful help from the community.

If you are interested or know of someone who could benefit from this opportunity, please contact me!