All about the PIES!

Our pies are handmade with lots of love and care.  2 pounds of pie with crumble topping, fruit filling that is not too sweet, and a flaky crust.  We use “only” the ingredients necessary for the delicious pie.

Ingredients for fruit pie: fruits, white flour, white and brown sugar, margarine, vegetable shortening, lemon juice, white vinegar, egg, salt, spices

Ingredients for pumpkin pie: pumpkin, white flour, white & brown sugar, milk, margarine, vegetable shortening, white vinegar, eggs, salt, spices

The pies are frozen and ready for baking!

Pie Flavors

*Apple   *Apple Rhubarb   *Apple Strawberry  *Apple Cranberry Raspberry  *Blackberry   *Blackberry Peach   *Bumbleberry (raspberry, blackberry, apple and rhubarb)  *Blueberry  *Blueberry Strawberry  *Blueberry Raspberry  *Peach  *Pear Apple Cranberry  *Plum Rhubarb  *Pumpkin  *Pumpkin Apple  *Raisin  *Raspberry  *Raspberry Peach  *Raspberry Apple  *Strawberry Rhubarb  

We offer our pies in 2 sizes: 8″ & 9″